Anne L. Wennerstrand, LCSW-R

Psychotherapy & Consultation

Psychotherapist in private practice serving adolescents, adults and families. Specializing in anxiety, depression, body image and eating disorders as well as general mental health and wellness. Counseling, parent coaching & consulting.

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May 10, 1-2:30pm

Online Zoom Meeting

In the non-judgmental spirit of Inquiry, you will be guided using the questions of IBC to identify and inquire into the thoughts, assumptions and beliefs that pose as obstacles to our deeper clarity and well-being.

With Inquiry-Based Coaching {tm} (IBC), learn how to “regenerate your relationships to live a more freeing, expansive, and connected life” and turn obstacles into opportunities.

Anne will take participants through the guided awareness practices of following the breath and grounding in the body and of ”allowing” emotions and sensations.

This workshop takes place on Zoom and your full participation on audio and video is invited. You may also participate via the chat function of the Zoom meeting room. (This meeting will not be recorded.)

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